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Genetically Modified Vaccines Sprayed On Us Without Consent?

By October 22, 2022No Comments
GM vaccines

Recently, I was sent a video where a man was claiming that genetically modified vaccines were being sprayed across our skies here in Australia, including one for Covid-19.

This outrageous claim prompted my interest in the topic to check out if in fact we are being sprayed with these GM vaccines and to what degree?

I don’t specifically go out of my way to try and debunk videos on social media, but quite often these types of videos are enough for me to want to know more, such as the previous video I made on the Cipro antiobiotic recently. I guess some of these short videos can have some value in raising certain issues.

After hearing in this vid that there is a GM Covid-19 being sprayed into the atmosphere in my country, I was a little shocked (but not surprised!) so I wanted to check the sources that this guy was presenting, to see for myself.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share the full video on this post, as it was sent in a private messenger, however, I do show some snippets of it here in my own video, which will be found at the bottom of this post.

I don’t know the name of the man who published this video, but I am going to refer to him as Geoff. Because he sounds like a Geoff to me and so that’s just how I’m gonna roll until someone tells me otherwise!

The information that Geoff refers to comes directly from an Australian government website. The department labelled as the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator, or OGTR.

gm cow

The OGTR proudly claims that it “has been helping to regulate genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Australia for over 20 years.” So they clearly have plenty of experience in screwing up the balance of nature. In a positive way of course…

On the website, there is a section under the “What we’ve approved” section, entitled “Dealings involving intentional release (DIR)” which gives “details on the applications and licences for dealings involving an intentional release (DIR) of a GMO into the environment.

Geoff claims that the term “Dealings involving intentional release (DIR)” means, specifically, that all of the approved chemicals or drugs have been approved to be sprayed into the atmosphere, which I tend to disagree with, as I will explain.

Whilst there is no clear definition on what the term DIR means on the site, it would appear through my findings that many of the DIR applications that have been approved, have not been approved to be sprayed, but to be released through other “controlled” means.

For instance, one of the DIR applications that Geoff refers to is DIR 193, which is for the “commercial supply of a genetically modified infectious laryngotracheitis vaccine for chickens.

GM chicken

Although this particular application is still under evaluation, Geoff wrongfully claims that this vaccine is currently being sprayed into the air and hopes “that it won’t affect us.” However, having a closer look at the PDF document application for this vaccine, it would seem that this is not quite the case.

The document specifically states: “Bioproperties Pty Ltd is seeking approval for transport, storage, supply to poultry farms and disposal of a live attenuated GM infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) vaccine (known as Vaxsafe® ILT) as part of its commercial supply of a vaccine for chickens.

Does this mean that (if approved) that the recipient of this vaccine won’t use it to spray onto the chickens or us? No, of course not, but it does not say that this vaccine is approved to be sprayed, so we cannot make that assumption without clear evidence.

DIR 184 on this list is of particular concern to Geoff (and myself) as it refers to a “Clinical trial with a genetically modified human adenovirus COVID-19 vaccine” which is one that has been approved for “Limited and controlled” release, since 25 June 2021.

Geoff claims that this GM vaccine is being sprayed onto us and has been since its licence date, however, a quick scroll further down the page will reveal how this GMO is being released.

The description specifically says: “The trial assesses intranasal administration of a GM vaccine for COVID-19. This is different to the intramuscular administration of COVID-19 vaccines currently in use. The GM vaccine is imported and delivered directly to trial sites. Up to 1,000 healthy participants will take part in the trial.”


It specifically states “intranasal administration” to up to 1,000 healthy participants.

I guess one could argue that it does not state that 1,000 “consenting” participants are involved and make some assumptions that this vaccine could possibly be sprayed across a small area to affect up to 1,000 unknowing participants, but again, we can’t make these sorts of assumptions without some sort of evidence.

In this case, we can only go by what we can see on the DIR licence and it would seem that this particular DIR vaccine is a trial vaccine and delivered through intranasal administration to up to 1,000 participants. Maybe it’s more than that? Who knows?

What’s probably more alarming from this DIR list is the commercially approved Astra Zeneca GM Covid vaccine (DIR 180) that “The Regulator has not imposed any specific measures to manage risk because there is negligible risk to the health and safety of people or the environment” when there is very clear evidence, at this stage, that there is some severe risk involved when taking Covid-19 vaccines, which I have posted about on this site.

Whilst I cannot categorically say that all of the products listed on this DIR list are being sprayed onto us, it is quite an eye-opener for me, going through this list, to see the types of things that have been approved to be used on our foods and us without our knowledge.

All I can say to you is to check your local government sites to see what types of chemicals or drugs are being used on you and where this is happening.

Please check out my video on this and don’t believe everything you see on Tik Tok. Don’t even believe anything I say. I was wrong about something once… just once though… it may happen again someday…..


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