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Comparing Covid Vax Adverse Reactions With Common Vaccines

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Vaccines have been used for many years as a means to protect a person from serious illness or disease usually by training one’s immune system to recognize and create antibodies against an illness, so that the body has the ability to fight the disease, once exposed to it, however, many vaccines have been known to cause some adverse reactions, some worse than others. For most countries, the Covid-19 vaccines began rolling out in 2021, so to get an idea of how safe these injections are, it’s worth looking at some of the available data to compare vaccine adverse reactions from Covid jabs against other more common vaccines that have been used for decades.

In this article, we will be looking at the data from a few different vaccines, such as influenza, hepatitis B and MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), which have been around for decades and comparing this to the current Covid-19 vaccine data and primarily looking at the Australian data for this information. This data comes from the Database of Adverse Event Notifications, and comes from reports submitted to the (TGA) Therapeutic Goods Administration. The TGA are responsible for regulating therapeutic goods in Australia ie. vaccines, medicines and other related products.

It is worth noting that with the Australian population sitting at just under 26 million, the numbers of adverse reactions compared to the population of the USA (334 mil) and Europe (748 mil) will be much less by comparison, however, when comparing the data between the various vaccines, it becomes very clear that the current Covid-19 vaccines are the most dangerous out of all of them when it comes to adverse reactions, including related deaths from these jabs.

The first vaccine group that we will be looking at to compare against is the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines. The earliest records that the DAEN database is accessible to is 1971 and the MMR vaccine has been used since the late 1960’s. From a search from 1971 to 19 Feb, 2022,  the data shows that there have been 8880 reports of adverse reactions with 12 reported deaths from this vaccine.

MMR data

Interestingly, the number of deaths recorded from this vaccine has decreased by 1 since I recorded my video on this topic in Nov, 2021. Is it possible that this 1 death has been re-categorized or just deleted? Let’s not jump to conclusions here….

The second vaccine group we are looking at are the hepatitis vaccines, including Hep A and B. Considering that Hepatitis vaccinations weren’t commonly used until the late 1980’s, the search that I used was from 1987 to 19 Feb, 2022.

This search bought up slightly higher numbers compared to the MMR vaccines, considering it hasn’t been used for as long. The numbers show that 10,809 reports for adverse reactions have been received, with 20 deaths recorded.

Hepatitis Data

The third vaccine group to look at in comparison to the Covid-19 vaccine is the influenza vaccine, which has been used since the 1940’s. The search that I conducted was from the earliest period of data from 1971 to 19 Feb, 2022 and bought up results of 25,203 adverse reaction reports with 75 deaths.

Of course, this again is higher than the other vaccines that I have mentioned, but with 50 years of data, the amount of deaths is less than 2 per year, which isn’t great, but still quite low in terms of the amount of doses that have been administered over the years.

Influenza Data

Now, we come to the newcomer to the vax scene, that being Covid-19 vaccines. The Covid vaccine rollout in Australia officially began in Feb 2021, so there is only just over a year of data recorded with regard to adverse reactions in this country, so what are the results of a search on adverse reaction for this time period?

Well, for the time period of 1 Feb, 2021 to 19 Feb, 2022, there have been 111,374 adverse reactions reported with 766 deaths reported from these vaccines!! This does not even include data from Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines, as these options were not present on the list to search.

covid data

Now, I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, but based on the data that I have presented above, I would say that these Covid-19 vaccines are not very safe, but I don’t claim to be an expert on this topic. I’m merely looking at the publicly accessible data on this issue in comparison to other commonly used vaccines that have been used for decades.

With the above information in mind, its worth mentioning that most reports of adverse reactions and deaths are not reported and many of these databases only account for between 1-10% of actual cases of adverse reactions, alluding to the fact that there may be at least 10x the number of actual cases than is reported.

Even if the numbers presented by the DAEN are indeed correct, regarding the exact numbers of adverse reactions and deaths, that alone should be enough to halt any more of these vaccines being rolled out as quickly as they have been.

Not only that, at this point, there is no long-term data available surrounding these vaccines that can show that these injections have not caused harm to one’s body that won’t show for another few years. If the short term data shows that this is harmful, what will the long term data show?

Please check out my video on this topic and search the databases for yourself here. Subscribe and share my channel if you feel it’s worthwhile.


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