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Genetically Modified Vaccines Sprayed On Us Without Consent?

GM vaccines
Recently, I was sent a video where a man was claiming that genetically modified vaccines were being sprayed across our skies here in Australia, including one for Covid-19. This outrageous claim prompted my interest in the topic to check out if in fact we are being sprayed with these GM vaccines and to what degree? I don't specifically go out of my way to try...
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Cipro Antibiotic In The Monkeypox Vaccine?? Is It Safe?

monkeypox vax
By now, everyone should be well aware of how safe and effective the Covid-19 vaccines have been over the last 2 years but how do the monkeypox vaccine fare when it comes to safety, especially with the use of the Cipro antibiotic within its ingredients. I'm going to be honest and say that I had absolutely no idea what "Cipro" was until a social media...
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Is Monkeypox For Gay Men Only? Or Is There More To It?

With the current monkeypox health crisis starting to ramp up across the globe, is it something we need to worry about about? The current narrative suggests that this disease is mainly prevalent in the gay community, but is monkeypox for gay men only? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? According to the health authorities, (that I do not trust!) monkeypox is...
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Bill Gates: Philanthropist Or Psychopath??

bill gates
Most of us know Bill Gates as the mega-nerd, billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, but it is his amazing charity work and philanthropic endeavours that have really raised his status (particularly since the Covid-19 outbreak began) and helped us all understand how much this great, caring man really wants to help the human race survive and thrive in face of the coming catastrophes facing our world....
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The Mad Perks Of The Pfizer Jab

Pfizer jab
Since around the start of 2021, when the Covid vaccines began to roll out, we have been constantly told by our governments and media that these vaccines are "safe and effective." This has somewhat been achieved to the masses by the fact that the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) requested to suppress any documents and safety data around these "vaccines" for 75 years!! Thankfully,...
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You Ain’t Cool Until You’ve Had Myocarditis!

Prior to 2021, I personally had not even heard of myocarditis, however, since the mass rollout of the Covid-19 vaccinations, myocarditis has somehow become a condition that seems to of become common with many people that have received one or more of these injections. Is this some crazy coincidence that is occurring? Or could it be that these "vaccines" are doing more harm than good?...
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Comparing Covid Vax Adverse Reactions With Common Vaccines

vaccine stats
Vaccines have been used for many years as a means to protect a person from serious illness or disease usually by training one's immune system to recognize and create antibodies against an illness, so that the body has the ability to fight the disease, once exposed to it, however, many vaccines have been known to cause some adverse reactions, some worse than others. For most...
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