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Bill Gates

The Tabletop Exercise Scenarios That Predict The Future

Tabletop Exercise Scenario
A "tabletop exercise" is a meeting to discuss a simulated emergency situation and how to deal with it. Over the last couple of years there has been a couple of prominent tabletop exercise scenarios that have occurred that have seemingly come to fruition within months of their conclusion. Is this a strange coincidence or calculated prediction of the future?? One of these tabletop exercise events...
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“How To Lie With Statistics” – A Bill Gates Fav Book

bill gates how to lie with statistics
In my last post and video, I discussed a bit about the amazing philanthropy and good-will of Bill Gates and in that I mentioned one of the books that Bill Gates rates quite highly entitled, "How To Lie With Statistics" by Darrell Huff. You can see in the video below his brief reasoning for recommending this book are that it's "got a lot of good...
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Bill Gates: Philanthropist Or Psychopath??

bill gates
Most of us know Bill Gates as the mega-nerd, billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, but it is his amazing charity work and philanthropic endeavours that have really raised his status (particularly since the Covid-19 outbreak began) and helped us all understand how much this great, caring man really wants to help the human race survive and thrive in face of the coming catastrophes facing our world....
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