Welcome the Red Door Channel.

My name is Stevie aka S-Man and I identify as a non-binary, furry, body positive, half alien, pansexual/demi-sexual fluid, 7% indigenous, sapphic, neptunic, (yeah, it’s a thing!) cis-male that prefers pronouns that cannot be produced by the human language.

I consider myself to be of sound mental state and have created this site and my associated channel, The Red Door, as a way to counteract the insane ideas that seem to be opposing the ideas that I can’t be the thing that I want to be when and if I want to be that thing, at any particular time.

Ahhh.. shit… ok to be honest, I’m not the things that I said I am. I’m just a dude with a pee-pee, wang-doodle that is witnessing in real time the collapse of Western civilization as we know it.

I began this channel as a means to publish what I believe to be the truth in the madness that seems to engulfing our society, with regards to the current “pandemic.” It hasn’t really taken me much time to see the absolute lies that have been portrayed to us through our leaders and the corporate media.

When this plandemic began to break out, I will say that I believed in it and was worried about it. There was not a lot known about it, so I was very cautious of it all. As time when on and more information came to light and seeing how politicized it all became, I began to see the truth about what’s really going on.

I hoped that the people around me would see this for themselves as there tended to be so many nonsensical lockdown rules, but regardless of how illogical things were and in the face of hard facts, it would seem that many continued to blindly follow the Government and do as they were told. Obey and comply to save someone’s grandma.

I live in the state of Victoria, Australia, in which the capital city, Melbourne, currently holds the world record for days in lockdown and the city has been destroyed. 10’s of thousands of people have left the state and thousands of businesses have closed down, never to open again.

My main motivation in creating this channel and this page is to try and show the truth about this fake pandemic in an effort to hopefully help people wake up and see some reason and truth in all of this.

There are many who will likely already know much of the information that I publish, because much of it has been around for sometime now and that is great. I hope that I can provide a good resource for all to share around to others that may not of seen it yet.

I try to be as thorough as I can to get my point out, so I believe that the information that I publish is accurate for the time, but if there is anything that is found to be false or incorrect, please contact me on Telegram or through the Contact page.